Newbie: GPG4WIN and GPGOL for Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Hi everybody!

I’ve come to GnuPG for Windows because I had PGPi in WXP but now I moved to Windows 7 and PGPi doesn’t work here.

I’ve installed GPG4WIN , with GPA and Kleopatra and GPA. I successfully imported keys I had saved from PGPi.
However, I can’t get some principal things. Please help:

  1. How can I get that Kleopatra exports my keys (private and public) in a .DER file or .P12 file?. The compendium says it’s possible if you don’t specify .gpg format file, but I DON’T see any tab in File menu for exporting it. The only I can see is “Export Secret Keys…” but it doesn’t allow .P12 extension; although I write .P12 it is automatically changed to .GPG and only Private key is put there.

  2. I have Microsoft Office with Microsoft Outlook 2010. I want to use GpgOL for signing and deciphering emails.
    Is GpgOL compatible with this Outlook?
    Where is GpgOL?
    I can’t see it in any place in my PC!!. None of multiple Outlooks menus shows a tab/dialog/option about it.
    When I touch Outlook Options > Trusting Center > Configuration > Security properties , then Outlook forces me to specify a valid certificate, so I need first to solve issue 1 in this email… :frowning:

Also I’d appreciate very much from you a link for some help text other than Compendium.


about 1.
Are you trying to export pgp format keys as .p12? DER and P12 formats are used for x509 format keys.

well, really I’m trying to get a .p12 file in order to import it to MS Office Outlook, because Outlooks requests it to me for allowing me to sign emails and so on.
But i have not any certificate in my PC suitable for it. So I wanted GPG4WIN produces a .p12 from my private/public key in GPG4WIN, so I can deliver it to Oulook for testing.

Outlook uses .p12 file to sign emails (and encrypt, and so on) in S/MIME format. It uses x509 certificates. It is not possible to make x509 certificate from pgp (gpg) key, easily. .p12 file contains one or more x509 certificates and one x509 private key.

According to page 123 of gpg4win-compendium, when exporting private keys, file type is selected automatically, depending on key type: gpg for pgp format keys and p12 for x509 format keys.

For testing S/MIME, it would be easier to generate a new certificate (x509 certificate). It also seems, that Kleopatra can only create certificate requests, not self signed certificates… (not 100% sure, though).