Newbie Erro Message Help:

I am VERY new to the whole encryption thing and have been trying to educate myself so I could implement secure email in light of recent NSA internet data collection scandal.

When I open Thunderbird to compose a new email message I get the following error message and I have no idea how to resolve it. I assume that this is embedded in the Gpg4Win executable I installed to create my keys???

“You are using GnuPG version 0.9.4, which is not up to date anymore. Enigmail requires GnuPG version 1.4 or newer; please upgrade your GnuPG installation, or OpenPGP will not work.”

Windows 7
Thunderbird v. 17.0.9
Enigmail v. 1.5.1
Gpg4Win v. 2.1.1

Any help would be appreciated!


There is a discrepancy between what Tbird sees and what you actually have on your system : you say you have Gpg4Win v. 2.1.1 , Tbird claims it sees V 0.9.4 .

This is certainly due to a bad installation of the newer versions of Gpg4Win during one of your upgrades.

What I would advise :

Save your keys (pubring, secring, etc). They must be in a directory like c:\Users\<user>\Application\GnuPG. Just copy the wole directory somewhere else.
Remove Gpg4Win using RevoUninstaller ( RevoUninstaller will perform the normal uninstalling process, and afterward it will also clean the registry and eliminate all references to the program. This way your computer will be as if it never had seen GPG
Install Gpg4Win  2.1.1 again.
When it comes to generating keys, just say you already have a set of keys. You may retrieve them using Kleopatra from the location where you previously saved them, or just (after having closed all GPG-related programs) copy your saves keyrings back to the original location.

Good luck !


Thanks JP I will give your suggestions a try. Appreciate the clear in-depth help!!!