new feature request/suggestion

Hello, i’m an Axcrypt 1.7 user for many years.
I’m looking for an alternative with these features:
1- use of a password in combination with keyfile instead of certificate and possibility to store it until system restart or something else (no prompt for every file)
2- automatically secure delete original file after encrypt
3- open crypted file (like any file) in a temp folder and automatically recreated encrypt if it’s modified (whitout user intervention)
4- manually decrypt file also delete encrypted copy

Hi Andre,

re 1.: Can you explain the use case further?

Gpg4win (with its crypto engine GnuPG) can do symmetric encryption with a passphrase.
It also protects its private keys for asymmetric encryption with a passphrase.
Gpg4win caches passphrases for a configurable time (default is 10 minutes, but you can make that longer or disable the caching)

re 2: A secure deletion is not possible within a user level application as it is a property of the file system. A default in place encryption is possible, but the secure deletion would be something you need see the feature of your filesystem. If you use an encrypted filesystem, you should be going in the right direction (I guess without knowing your security requirements in detail).

re 3: This is like an encrypted archive or file system. Gpg4win cannot do this (directly, you could potentially script it or I darkly remember that somebody had an experimental windows driver a few years ago.)

Re 4: I believe decryption in place is possible.

Hope my answer were what you are looking for.
Note that you can try Gpg4win without costs. One of its main advantages is that it is standard compliant (OpenPGP and Cryptographic message syntax).

Best Regards,