Moving to new workstation machine

Dell with Windows 7. I have installed gpg4win and Kleopatra on new machine. Exported two certificates from old workstation Kleopatra and imported them to new workstation Kleopatra. On old machine the certificates appear in the My Certificates and Trusted Certificates tab. On new machine the certificates appear in the Other Certificates tab. When I try to decrypt and verify a .pgp file that works fine on the old machine, the new machine Kleopatra fails to ask for a passphrase and fails to decrypt the file. Which step did I miss in installing Kleopatra on the new machine?

Hi Bill,
two steps are important:
a) transfer both private key material (or the to be kept secret part of the key pair/cert)
and the (public) cert to the new machine.
b) You may need to give ultimate trust to a freshly imported privat key/cert pair.

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Hi Bernard, thanks for your reply. I’m very much a cryptographic novice. After digging around the Compendium, I figured out how to Export Secret Keys. Once I imported to the new machine, the certificates moved from Other Certificates to My Certificates. Then the Decrypt and Verify process asked for a passphrase, and I was able to decrypt. I appreciate the help.


good to read that it’s working for you now. :slight_smile: