Moving keyrings

I want to centralize the location of the key rings and have a question about the secret-keyring.

According to section 4.3 (Configuration Files) of the documentation, “[secring.gpg is] a secret keyring as used by GnuPG versions before 2.1. It is not used by GnuPG 2.1 and later.” Additionally, in section 4.2.1 (How to change the configuration) of the documentation, “–secret-keyring file … is an obsolete option and ignored. All secret keys are stored in the private-keys-v1.d directory below the GnuPG home directory.”

Moving the pubring.gpg and trustdb.gpg is straight-forward: move the files (let’s move them to “p:\gpg-keyrings”), and update gpg.conf with:

keyring p:\gpg-keyrings\pubring.gpg
primary-keyring p:\gpg-keyrings\pubring.gpg
trustdb-name p:\gpg-keyrings\trustdb.gpg

but what about the secrets?


Hi John,
this seems to be a general GnuPG question, so the gnupg-users mailinglist could a place you could ask.