Moving from old to new computer


This is my first time, moving to a new computer. Since I have been using GPG4Win and Kleopatra.

I was able to export my private key on the old system and import on the new system.

But, my certs are showing as not certified, I tried to certify them, but I’m getting this message when trying to certify only for myself.

The certificate was not certified because it was already certified by the same certificate.

So, is this normal, since I did already certify it on the old system.

I assume that I will always see it listed this way, or I’m I wrong and need to perform something else to fix it.



Hi Mike,

are you using OpenPGP or S/MIME certificates (aka keys)?

For OpenPGP you will have to set the ownertrust to “ultimate” for your own key. You should have been asked about this during the import.

Best Regards,