mkportable.exe gives error for missing libsqlite3-0.dll

I’ve downloaded Gpg4Win 3.1.0 and chosen the installation options of GnuPG, Kleopatra and GPA.

When trying to create a portable version using the mkportable.exe program, I’m continually getting the following error which causing the portable creation to abort:

mkportable: failed to create ‘D:/gpg/bin/libsqlite3-0.dll’: No such file or directory

This error occurs when trying to create either the --vanilla or the --full portable versions.

I can see that the libsqlite3-0.dll file does exist in the installation folder for GnuPG (located at C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin on my machine) but the error continues to persist, even if I try calling the mkportable.exe program from different current directories.

I can only assume that mkportable.exe is looking for the libsqlite3-0.dll file in a folder other than C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuPG\bin.

How can I fix this?

Upon further investigation, it appears the the error is not due to mkportable.exe looking in the wrong place for the source files, but that mkportable.exe is not creating the necessary directories when it’s copying files - i.e. it’s copying a file to a directory in the targetdir that doesn’t exist and it doesn’t create that directory first, so the copy fails.

Is there a way to force mkportable.exe to create the required target directories and sub-directories when copying files?

It should create the subdirectories automatically. And if the top level directory does not exist it fails with a clear error.

My test:

C:\Gpg4win\bin>mkportable c:\temp
mkportable: error reading target directory ‘c:/temp’: Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.

C:\Gpg4win\bin>mkdir c:\temp

C:\Gpg4win\bin>mkportable c:\temp

→ Works without issue.

What file system is your target directory? Or is there maybe a permission problem?

File system is NTFS. It may be a permissions issue, but my D:\ drive is my data drive and I (i.e my windows user) should have full permissions to the entire drive, however, I will check again and try using different folders and drives.

Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht, aber, danke fuer ihre hilfe! :slight_smile: