Misspelling in compendium documentation

In section 25 of the compendium, the title for 25.1 has a misspelling.

“Calculating” is misspelled as “Calualting”


I’m not familiar with git so would rather not have to go thru that process.


thank you for the hint. The thing is that currently nobody is working on the compendium and this will probably not change. There are some reasons like there are not enough ressources and most people use different ways to look for help.

Hi. Actually there are lots of spelling mistakes in the English Compendium! Also, quite frequently there are two words joined together (that is to say, there is no space between the words)

I would like to take this opportunity to advise that I have extracted all the text from the German Compendium PDF and translated it into English. My idea was to continue my project of producing an English PDF copy of the German PDF Compendium, retaining all the text and image formatting of the (German) original.

However, I see from the PDF metadata that the original document was produced in LaTeX (TeX Live) then exported to PDF (using pdfTeX). This is the reason for the very handsome and professional-looking typography and general layout - far superior to anything that MS Word is capable of producing, by the way.

I have TeX Live LaTeX on my computer and would very much like to have a copy of the original Latex project files (before conversion to PDF) so I can import direct into LaTeX and then replace the German text with the English translation.

As for the above comment “most people use different ways to look for help” (other than PDF) - are there extensive survey results on which to base a statement like that?

PDF is by far the most reliable format for presenting something like a software manual (or pretty much any document designed for long-form reading and easy, fast searching.) PDFs are guaranteed to look exactly the same on whatever platform you use. Plus there is the benefit of not having to be online to use a manual (NOT everyone has a 24/7 internet connection!) Plus you don’t have hundreds of itsy-bitsy html files littering your hard drive, as happens when software comes with an HTML manual.

The first thing I do with an HTML manual (offline OR online) is turn it into a searchable, bookmarked PDF document using Acrobat.

Speaking for myself, give me an elegant PDF every time!

So, admin, please let me know if the original Latex project files for the German Compendium are still available… or not…

Hi Heinrich,

| As for the above comment “most people use different ways to look for help”
| (other than PDF) - are there extensive survey results on which to base a statement
| like that?

there are enough indications which are sufficient for us at least.
(I did write more about this a while ago, Christoph was just stating the summary of our current state of mind.)
To point you to some general research, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimalism_(technical_communication)
(There are angles to this as well, how discoverable are the features of an application, thus avoiding documentation.)

We are aware that some of our users do like a full document as reference documentation, we do not precisely know how many and we lack resources to maintain larger documents the way they should be maintained.

It is good in any case to have your feedback and if you improve the current documentation, e.g. produce something better, please let us know and contribute back.

Best Regards