minimal portable version of PGP or GPG under Windows


I wanted to generate a pair of keys and send someone a gpg.exe/pgp.exe + public key, so that he could encrypt a file without any installation PGP/GPG and send it to me.

Such a minimal portable version.
It is possible?
How to do it?
It’s about something like pgp5i. But it works only under Win32, and I need it to work under Wind32 / 64.


Hi Janek,

see instructions on
about how to create a portable app.

(In general we do not recommend using Gpg4win in a portable way, see the //Please note:// remark.)


Thank you very much.
Oh no, this portable version has 12MB. This is quite a lot.
pgp5i has only 800kB.
I need only PGP/GPG, not the whole package.
I need a program only for the command line.


Hi Janek,

note that pgp5i is quite old by now. :slight_smile:

There is a GnuPG command line binary build available here
(if you know what you are doing. :slight_smile: )

In extreme cases you could try the 1.4.23 version, which is simpler
and maintained for elder systems.

Best Regards,