MIgrate PGP keyring to GPG4Win ?

Is it possible to migrate a public and a private key ring created with Symantec pgp to GPG4Win? Failing that is there a guide to doing it one key at a time?

Hi Larry,

that is a good question. I’ve found a few hints using a search machine that the pubring.pkr (public keyring) and secring.skr (private keyring) are files in My Documents>PGP and have ASCII encoded information. That somebody else could import in to AGP.

So it might just work, if you try to import those files into Gpg4win. You most likely will be asked for the password for the secret keys.

Otherwise you should be able to export each private key manually, by using export and including
the private key part.

Note that if the keys are really old, GnuPG (the crypto engine withint Gpg4win) may reject them for security reasons.

Please report, if this works for you.

Best Regards,

"a pubring.pkr (public keyring) and secring.skr (private keyring) in the default keyring location. For Windows this is in the My Documents>PGP folder. "

“. It contains ASCII private keys”

"Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\PGP directory or whichever directory you specified "

" Import secring.skr into APG"

"Select the Include Private Key(s) check box. "