Micorsoft Virtual SmartCard support on Kleopatra

any chance for supporting Microsoft Virtual Smartcard in Kleopatraa ?

I was able to create a Virtual Smartcard Reader and a virtual smartcard too using this very interesting guides:


I trid on Kleopatra conviguring VirtuaSmartcard.dll as driver but it seem not working at all

It could be very handy beacuse TPM is on any laptop nowadays and is very cheap and already avaiable than a smartcard and a reader.

Hi Edoz,

in general you can suggest feature requests to either one of the development mailinglists (gnupg-devel@ oder gpg4win-devel@) or directly on dev.gnupg.org. Please describe your usecase in good detail, especially why it is an improvement over other possibilities.

Note there is already a blog post about using TPMs on GNU/Linux systems, maybe the work is needed to find out how to do this on Windows operating systems as well:


(In general: work is done if somebody does it and convinces the developers to add this to the GnuPG core. Which means making the contribution easy to pick up and maintain, among other things.)

Thanks for the suggestion and
Best Regards,