Mailvelope & GPG4Win integration

I know that isn’t your responsibility but probably you have more knowledge than me:
I’ve gpg4win v. 3.17 working fine with native message ext. installed (I think!) and I’ve installed Mailvelope on Firefox and Chrome testing with and without extensions, and Mailvelope doesn’t recognize GPG. Any suggestion for troubleshooting? How can I know if native msg extensions are properly installed on browsers (they don’t appear as a extension/plug-in)?
Is there any way to install Native mes. extensions without reinstall the entire package?
Mailvelope seems to work fine without gpg4win, but I’ve a lot of keys in kleopatra store.

Thks in advance.
JMa Rexach

meanwhile I’ve answered to
so let us continue there. (At installation time of Gpg4win you need to enable “Browser Integration”.)

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Hi, Bernhard,

Yes I did it reinstalling gpg4win v 3.17. I think that something has been installed because I’ve this registry key on Mozilla:

@=“C:\Program Files\Gpg4win\bin\gpgme-mozilla.json”

But I don’t know if this is enough. How can I check it? Doesn’t appears as any extension in Mozilla nor in Chrome.

Thks for your help.

Dear Joseph,
let us deal with the problem on the linked github issue.

Can you check what I’ve wrote there and respond there?

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