mail client Office 365 problem transfer key

I have a new lenovo x1 (7th Gen) notebook and transferred all data from the 4th Gen. I use as mail client Office 365 (1912).
The is encrypted by Kleopatra OpenPGP. The key is a Text File (.asc). Once I have transferred the configuration, copied the key, I certified the key.
Outlook synchronized the mailbox but I cannot open the emails, it does not automatically ask for the password of the key.
“No secret key found to decrypt the message. It is encrypted to the following keys: xyz” the “xyz” key is the one that I have copied as well.

At my old notebook it all still runs and before, no prob. (I do not try to run both notbooks at the same time).
I would highly appreciate if you could let me know who to transfer the keys and authorize/install them on a new pc.

Thank you!


this sounds exactly like you have transferred only your public key from the old system to the new one.

You can copy the complete folder %APPDATA%\gnupg from the old system to the new one.

If you want to transfer your complete key be sure to use “Export secret key” in Kleopatra and not only “Export”.

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