Links not Displayed on TBird

I have installed Enigmail 1.5.2 on TBird 17.0.7. It works fine - thank you guys. However I no longer get links automatically displayed on received emails. As I only have one person with whom I communicate encrypted I would like my other emails to be as they were before I installed encryption, i.e. with links displayed. How do I do this?

Try to choose html in “display → body of the message” in Tbird menu (or something like this, sorry my menu is in French …)

Thanks - I can’t find anything similar in my English version under display. Can you post the tree in French, my French is probably OK to interpret!

Affichage → Corps du message en → Choice [html original , html simple, texte]. When i had the same Pb as you, I choosed “html simple” and it worked fine ! then you get colors and attributes of the sender’s text.

Thanks, that fixed it!
I was looking at ‘Display’ in options, but if you translate as ‘View’ you get to the right place! Cheers