Hi all,

I noticed GPG is not available in Dutch yet. I want to help contribute, but could not find any instructions on localization on the website. Please direct me to the right place.

Cheers, H.

Dear Hendrik,

there is a translation of GnuPG to Dutch, see the nl.po file in

You should see that on the command line at least. Do you?

If you want to help with it, the gnupg-devel@ mailinglist probably is the right place.

Note that most translations for Gpg4win come out of the Free Software products
it packages, e.g. Kleopatra (from the KDE initiative) or GnuPG.

Best Regards,

@Bernhard we need Dutch localizations for the Gpg4win components. The installer, GpgOL and GpgEX. Kleopatra should also have some.

@Hendrik thanks for trying to help! We don’t have a good documentation about localisation though. :-/ Sore point.

Are you familiar with translating .po files in general?

Attached is an automatically generated empty po file for the strings of the Gpg4win installer. Personally I use the software “Lokalize” to edit such a file, but this is more of a Linux software.

If you translate it and send it to me by mail (aheinecke@intevation.de) or attach it here, I can include it in the Gpg4win installer and send to you similar files for GpgOL and GpgEX.

Best Regards,

nl.po (9.3 KB)