Kleopatra Won't Import Public Key - Certificates Without User IDs

I have a public key file that I am trying to import. Kleopatra won’t import a public key file. When I try to import it, I get a dialog box saying: Total Number Processed: 1, Imported: 0, Certificates without User IDs: 1.

The Certificate definitely has a user ID. Why won’t Kleopatra import my key?

CHD Information Systems.asc (1.33 KB)

Hi Raymond,

the file CHD Information Systems.asc you have attached uses an old algorithm
and thus GnuPG rejects it by default.

gpg: Note: signatures using the MD5 algorithm are rejected
gpg: key FFDFA895: invalid self-signature on user ID “CHD Information Systems systems@chdmeridian.com

You could give GnuPG the --allow-weak-digest-algos option, if you must work with this certificate and you know what you are doing. (MD5 hashes are considered broken).