Kleopatra won't encrypt to keyring

Spent literally 10 hours trying. When I click tools then encrypt and select the keyring of the recipent and encrypt the loading bar starts and completes the message says complete too but… it is not encrypted. When I try to click sign and encrypt the message encrypts but no matter what I do to pair it to the keyring the senders always say they can’t decrypt it. This is not a mistake of my keyring or their’s being wrong because I have made new keyrings and tried 10 plus experienced users. Please please help me!!!


Are you using Gpg4win on Windows? Please tell us which version of Gpg4win and Windows you are using.

Do I understand correctly? If you are encrypting only to yourself it is working but if you encrypt to other recipients it does not work?

Finally after 15 long hours I figured it out. Make a note on notepad. Click the recipients tab adjacent to notepad. add your recipient. Don’t leave that specific tab and then click the sign and encrypt button. For whatever reason when I left the tab it wouldn’t actually save the keyring it encrypted to. I also couldn’t get it to encrypt via tools > encrypt. Hope this helps a lost soul

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