Kleopatra: what existing certificate did it find?

Forgive the dumb question but I’m not particularly tech savvy.

If I import a .txt file where I’ve c/p a public key block, Kleopatra then adds the associated key to my db of certificates and highlights the new certificate entry for me.

If I import something that is already in my files, I see a message that no new certificate was added or processed. But it doesn’t seem to show me WHICH existing certificate matches what I just tried to import as a block of public key text.

So how do I find what existing certificate matches what I just tried to import? I used the search box and input the first part of the public key string, but that didn’t seem to work…

Never mind. Figured out my misunderstanding. Feel free to delete this thread.

Hi D,
good that you’ve solved your riddle. :slight_smile:

(Usually we keep threads in here, unless you would want us to delete it.)

If you like, you could write what make you missunderstand the interface, this help us to understand where we could improve it in the long run.

We know that Kleopatra is a tool for experts and we want to strengthen the use via the regular applications (e.g. the file explorer or the email application).

Best Regards,

In the spirit of helping, I will admit my stupidity here… I had not pasted in a public key, but a signature block. And I thought the result message indicated that there was nothing new being imported – instead of it meaning that the material being imported wasn’t a key.

So what would be helpful would have been if instead of the result being:

“Total number processed: 0,
Imported: 0” if it had said,

"Hey moron, that was not a key you tried to import. Try again. "



Thanks for sharing! Mistakes happen to all of us.