Kleopatra not startable in portab.Installation due to missing "libKF5Crash.dll"

I installed the newest gpg4win v3.1 under 64bit Win7.

Then I created a portable installation (with mkportable.exe) and uninstalled the non-portable original.

Finally I double clicked on Kleopatra.exe and got the Error popup:

“The program can’t start because libKF5crash.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program”.

Yes, the mentioned dll ist missing in the “bin” dir.

So I guess its an error in the mkportable procedure.

Pls fix.

Thank you

Argh! Sorry.

Yes libKF5crash.dll was added as a dependency shortly before the release and I forgot to add it to mkportable.

I’ve added it now and noted the problem for 3.1.0 on the download page. https://www.gpg4win.org/download.html

Thanks for the report. Will be fixed in the next version.


So do I have to re-install gpg4win again and copy the required lib manually?

When will be the next gpg4win (with the mkportable.xe fix) be released?

Yes you will have to copy the lib manually.

As to when for the next release, probably ~ middle of may.