Kleopatra not importing private key

I have exported my public and private keys from GPG Tools on a Mac. When importing into GPG4Win only the public key is imported even though 2 keys were processed.

This seems to be a common problem as I have found countless threads on the internet with no solution. There are tons of instructions/documentation of creating and exporting, even restoring your keys. I have not found any solutions for the above scenario that many have run into. It does appear to be a permissions issue, but I am not sure where to look and what to change to resolve this. Please assist. If this is a permissions issue, this should be addressed with the installation process to help people avoid this problem.

GPG Output for Key Import.txt (5.4 KB)

Hi Jody,

to get more diagnostics, can you try to do the import on the command line, e.g.

gpg -v --import the_file_you_have_exported_with_private_key.asc

and then add annother -v like -vv?

So far I would not assume a permission problen, as importing private keys does not need any permissions.
Maybe it is a problem on the exporting side then.

If you have detailled problem reports elsewhere, you can link them in addition.
Please also state which versions of GpgTools and Gpg4win you are using.


I initially got a gpg-agent not running error. I uninstalled and reinstalled as administrator which resolved that issue. My private key is still not being imported though, attached is the -vv output you asked for.

Windows 10 21H2
macOS 12.1
GPG Suite 2021.3
GPG4Win 4.0.0

GPG Output for Key Import.txt (5.4 KB)

The GPG Output for Key Import.txt says:
“secret key imported”
so you should be fine.