Kleopatra- Importing Certificates

Hi all. I am a little confused about how I import public keys. I have a public key, but it is text I got from a website, not a file. Is there anyone who can tell me how I can save it as a file to kleopatra will recogonize?


I am new to GPG4Win but suggest you try the ff:

    • I assume you have a file, or even an email message - that contains the public key in ASCII text. I also assume you want to be able to send - by email - this public key to someone or some server. According to the GPG4Win, you don’t necessarily have to send it as a file attachment. You can send it as if it were an email. Also assume you are in the M Windows environment.
    • I have attached pages 60-61 of the GPG4Win manual, which will be useful for this purpose. I’ve highlighted in yellow background the key portions on these pages.
    • On the assumption that (1) above is true and is what I think it is, you should do a Copy and Paste. Open the file in (1), then do a Copy [i.e., Copy of Windows which is to the clipboard].

Before you execute the next step, prepare your email system so that you are already at the screen for typing and sending a specific email. Make sure that you haven’t typed anything into the message portion of the email. You can type data into the TO:, CC: and SUBJECT: fields but leave the actual message portion empty.

    • Now Paste it (what you just Copied to the clipboard in Step (3)) into your email which is to be sent to someone or to some web server.

Warning – be very precise when you do the Copy command. Follow the instructions on page 61 (I’ve highlighted in yellow background).

Hope this works.

Pages 60-61 from gpg4win-compendium-en.pdf (142 KB)

Hello again,

In rereading your email I missed your statement that you want to be able to “give it” (it = the public key) to Kleopatra. In this case, all you need to do is copy and paste (as outlined in my earlier response) to a TXT file with a name that has the .ASC file type.

Then you export that file to Kleopatra.
Hope this works.

I do not actually have it in a file. The public key is from another user, and that it what I am trying to import into Kleopatra. Let’s put it this way.
Bob has a public key. Bob’s public key is posted on his website, but not in a file that I can import into Kleopatra. What I need to do is copy and paste Bob’s public key into a .asc .cer or .cert file so that I can import it into Kleopatra. How do I do that?

Understood – does the web site support a download feature? You should be able to download it. Then export to Kleo.

You can simply copy the key and paste it into notepad and save it as, for example, pubkey.txt or pubkey.asc. Then, import that file into Kleopatra.

-Sean C.