Kleopatra gives error "Could not create certificate: General error"

When I click File…New Certificate… Create a personal OpenPGP key pair. I give a name and email address and comment and it asks for a passphrase and then says this error-
Could not create certificate: General error

And then I try again and even before asking for a passphrase, it gives that error.

I try again with another email address, same problem, it asks for a passphrase, says “Could not create certificate: General error” Then I try again and it says that same error without even needing to ask me for a passphrase.

I am using Kleopatra Version 4.1.4

I have the same problem.
Did you found a solution Gareth ?
Appreciate your help

I have same problem to…
Anybody can help??

Hii… I use the old version, 2.0.4, and no problem here… :smiley:
First, you must uninstall the new version and then install the old one…
I don’t know why… but ist work for me…