Kleopatra default keyserver?

do you know which default key server use kleopatra?

Another question: i changed the expiration date of my key, if i search my key on the public server i still see the old expiration date (but in details it’s ok), is that normal?



The default keyserver kleopatra uses is shown in settings if the OpenPGP Keyserver field is empty it will show the greyed out default text of: “hkps://hkps.pool.sks-keyservers.net”

You can learn more about this on: https://sks-keyservers.net/overview-of-pools.php

Regarding the expiration date change. After you make changes to your key you have to upload it again to the keyservers. You can do it in Kleopatra by right clicking the key in question and select “Publish on Server”.



sorry for the stupid question regard keyserver.

For the expiration date i already published the key after the change, in fact under “details” i can see my new expiration date.
I’m just curious why i don’t see the changes from the search result, but only under details.

Sometimes it can take quite a while until all keyservers are synced up.

You have multiple keyservers in a pool. You upload it to one. And then your search maybe hits a different one and still shows the old key?
But usually it should sync pretty quickly so I doubt that this is the reason.

Can you post the fingerprint of your key here so that I can take a look at the expiry dates as they show up for me on the server? Maybe something unexpected happened and the expiry change did not work properly.

C8C9 550C 2BE0 CAED B4DA AD3F 9EBC 231E A3F9 B371

I receive it with “expires: never”

Maybe if you changed it you can try to just publish it again.

never is correct, so is just my problem, something in cache? i don’t know.
but if others can see the correct data is no more a problem.

anyway, thank you for your help.