Kleopatra Command Line to Sign File

I am running GPG4Win 4.1.0 and attempting to use the Kleopatra tool command line to sign a file.

Kleopatra --help gives me an error: "Unknown option ‘help.’ This leaves me guessing as to the proper syntax for the command-line options.

Kleopatra -s filename Opens Kleopatra to the Encrypt/Sign dialog where I need to click save to complete the action.

Is there a way to run the command-line in silent mode?

What are the other options for the -s command-line switch? Can I specify an output file name?


you have to use the command “gpg” which stands for GnuPG which is the crypto engine behind Kleopatra.
For a few commands you can run “gpg --help”. If you want to explore more commands and options you can visit https://www.gnupg.org/documentation/manuals/gnupg/.

I didn’t find an option to run commands in silent mode but you could search for a way to redirect the output.

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