Kleopatra 4.3.0: Dark mode unusable

I updated to Kleopatra v4.3.0 from v3.x.x, and had to immediately downgrade to v4.2.0 due to the unusable dark mode: half the program is dark, the menubar and options are light (and so is the text therein). My Windows 10 v1709 is set to dark mode, and I can find no documented environment variable (e.g. similar to KLEO_HIGH_CONTRAST_MODE=0) to force Kleopatra and Okular into light mode so as to be readable. Please refer to attached screenshot for how it looks

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I had no test machine where I could test this case.

I’ve Windows 10 19045.4170 and Gpg4win 4.3.1 running on a machine and the dark mode looks good to me. When you tried it did your restart the computer? When switching to the dark theme without a restart the theme of Kleopatra also looked broken to me but a restart did solve the problem.