Keyring Location for gpg4win v2

I’m new to the forum. Just upgraded from gpg4win 1.1.4 to 2.0.0 (light). In “light” there is no Kleopatra or manuals. I removed 1.1.4 before installing 2.0.0 as recommend. I omitted GPGol from install. my keyrings were on a secondary drive but were read satisfactorily and all seems to be working fine on my XP(SP2) system.

Q1) re Keyrings: previously winpt allowed the relocation of keyrings by menu. now no winpt, just GPA and GPGEx with no apparent way to change keyring loc. is keyring loc (homedir?) all handled by registry now? or some other means?

Q2) The uninstall of 1.1.4 seems to have left behind some registry dust, particularly I noticed numerous entries for GPGee, which is now replaced. What is up on this?