Key not available on attempt to encrypt


I am using the GPA tool 0.7.6 rev. 777 to encrypt/decript files. I have set this software up on two computers. One works fine and the other is having a problem.

I can see the imported public key on both computers within the Keyring Editor but when I right-click on a file, select GPG, Encrypt (PK), I get a window that pops up titled Sign/Encrypt Files. On one computer I see my public key, on the other, I do not see a public key.

This happened on the computer where I now see the public key at first but for some reason the public key started to show up and I don’t know why.

How can I get the public key’s that have been imported to show up in the Sign/Encrypt Files window like they do in the Keyring Editor?

Thanks in advance…