Key Creation and Name in Kleopatra

I was going to create a test key and noticed that although it says Name is optional in creating a key it is not. If you leave it blank or just have a single name there, it says “Name is Incomplete” in red letters…

thanks for the report, we’ll look into this (within a few days, as it seems minor).


you can create a key with only a mail address but without a name. Or you can create a key with only a name and no E-Mail.

But if you enter anything for the name it has a minimal length of 5 letters (bytes).

This is a restriction from our crypto backend GnuPG. I’m not sure why its there or if its also part of the OpenPGP standard.

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I discovered the 5 character (first must be a letter) limit when some playing around. I had assumed with the “optional” next to both fields you could leave both blank. I was reading some posts about people creating keys with no user-id “anonymous keys” and figured I’d see if Kleopatra could do that just as an experiment.