Key Cache Internal Error

By: Michelle Feldman
Key Cache Internal Error [ reply ]
2006-11-01 04:22
I just installed the program and everything seemed very promising. I tried importing the public and private keys I had generated on my web server into WinPT and then GPA, but they never showed up in the list of keys. Then when I tried to have WinPT create its own key, it registered an error, so I decided to reinstall. Now when I try to access WinPT at all I get a dialog box titled “Key Cache” with the text “Internal Error” and the program does not load. I can load GPA, but when I try to create keys I get an internal error with the key cache. I have tried numerous installs/reinstalls, even cleaning out the registry, and I still get the error.

Where is this key cache and how do I fix it?