I’m unable to download gpg4win.

Try the direct link from the file server: https://files.gpg4win.org/gpg4win-3.1.11.exe

I still cannot download gpg4win using the link you provided.

What is the problem?

Maybe your browser has downloads disabled somehow?

To help you and others in restricted enviornments:
If you can open Powershell you can use that:

mkdir c:\tmp
(new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile(‘https://files.gpg4win.org/gpg4win-3.1.11.exe’,'C:\tmp\gpg4win.exe’)

Afterwards you will have gpg4win.exe in c:\tmp

I used your link and a 404 error appeared on the screen.

Can you any of the following urls:

If not, then something is problematic with your internet connection,
it might be a proxy that does not allow your connection to our site
or something else like VPN.

You could try using a browser with a different internet connection or a different computer.

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