is there a mechanism via the GUI to encrypt a file symmetrically?

On Win 7, from my file manager via right-click, I get a context menu with various signing and encrypting choices from GPG. Choosing one of the encryption choices, I get a series of a couple of dialog boxes that enables me to encrypt a file to a user who’s public key I have. To store sensitive files for long-term storage on my computer, I encrypt them to myself. However, I’ve learned a bit about symmetric encryption, which might be a better option, or at least another option. I’ve read how to do that on command line. Is there a place in the GUI to choose symmetric (i.e. no public key required) encryption? I have not found one yet. Thanks.

I can’t find a way to do this through the GUI, either. Strange…I thought I had seen it before.


I found another ‘recent’ thread asking the same question. Unfortunately, there was no resolution there, either. From what I’ve gathered, it looks like the command line is the only way to do it with GPG4Win, for now anyway.

I am also not aware of a symmetric encryption function in the GUI.
However using certificates (as with asymmetric cryptography) is recommended
in all cases. I’m not sure there is a real use case for symmetric encryption.

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