Is PKCS11 or Microsoft CSP supported for smart cards?

I have smart card with PKCS 11 driver and MS CSP support, however I cannot attach card and use certificates for encryption. Is at least one of these standards supported?

Can we get any reply on this?

as far as I understand GnuPG uses its own carddrivers.

Maybe you find some hints at
or you ask on gnupg-users.


Hi Bernhard,
Thanks for your reply.
What does it mean when you say, Cards exists to either run OpenPGP or x509/CMS operations.
Our smart cards are FIPS compatible CardOS or JAVA tokens.
When I insert the USB smart card I am getting errors like:
This card application is not yet supported.

Can you please help me by providing exact list of tokens supported.

Many thanks.

Hi Deepak,

best is to ask on gnupg-users or so.


I have mailed to gnupg users mailgroup. Have not received any reply.