is it possible for outlook search to return content from encrypted email body?

After installing GPGWinOL I come across a problem, I repeatedly use Outlook’s search so that it returns emails with specific content in the body of the message, is it possible without using the option to decrypt emails permanently?

Hi Marco,
as far as I know, it isn’t.

(It is a huge technical challenge for several reasons:
One is that a search index would need to be encrypted with the same private key as the emails you would want to search and this index would be to be connected with Outlooks search to make it reasonably fast. Otherwise each mail would need to be decrypted each time it is searched through, including many crypto operations.)

Fun fact: We had implemented such proof of concept a solution in the KMail/Kontact Groupware application many years ago, this never made it into production I think.



And is the reverse process of permanently decrypting option possible to do?
If it is possible, can a macro solve it?


A good question, I don’t think it is, though (as the structure of the email is changed by permanent decryption).