Is gpg4win supported on Windows server 2008 R2?

My company is wanting a pgp decryption program for Windows servers. The data sheet on gpg4win lists only desktop versions of windows. Has anyone done this?


It should run there, because this version is close to the versions that get tested.(See also your question on the users-en list.)


Yes, I have it running on Windows server 2008. I only needed command line encryption so I installed the lite version (did not want/need kleopatra or email encryption). Works great. Installed a 1.x version over a year ago, have not upgraded as there is no need to fix something that is not broken. I use Toad Data Point on a server dedicated to running scheduled reports and data extracts. Toad has a Run Program function that allows you to issue any command line executable and pass variable parameters, so I can pull data, load a temp table, extract from there to file, call gpg4win and pass the file names as parameters to encrypt it, call WinSCP and FTP the file, then send an email notification that the file is ready. Jobs run on a scheduled basis like clockwork.

  • Greg

Thanks Greg and Bernhard! This should allay any worries that my management has.