Integrating gpg4win with android phones

Does any body knows an app for android phones that integrates well with gpg4win?
I’m trying openkeychain with K9 mail, but there are troubles from android-> outlook (works fine with in-line pgp). Reverse works better.

Dear Joseph,

Openkeychain and K9-Mail also would have been my best suggestion.
If there is trouble with OpenPGP/MIME, please give feedback to the K9Mail developers.

Otherwise we’d need test emails to see what the problem may be the other way round.
What trouble did you have?

Best Regards,

Thks Bernhard for your interest.

Now I tried again with gpg4win ver. 3.1, k9 v. 5.403 and openkeychain v. 4.9.2 and it works fine. I had failed triing to open mails from Outlook sent from phone, it didn’t recognize .asc extension of the attachment and didn’t tried to decode, decoding the att. from file system worked fine.

I’m a former ITMgr now retired with some spare time and I’m from Catalonia, so we are very interested in privacy.




thanks for the feedback!
Good to know that it’s working fine now.