Installing of Exe's in production Environment

HI All

I need to install the gpg4win Server int he Production environment.I was asked to install does this software requires a Reboot of the server?

Could you guys Help me in aswering this question.The primary reason for asking this question was there a other projects ruining on the server that will be used by the customes around the world

Thanks in advance


The restart after the gpg4win installation is neccessary mostly because it installs a Windows Explorer extension (gpgex) and the explorer needs to be restarted for this.

It also places the GnuPG binaries in the PATH environment variable and this will only affect newly started processes.

So it depends a bit on your usage. If you want to use GnuPG through the Explorer extension you need to restart the Windows Explorer. If you want to use it from the command line you can do this without a restart if you call it with the full path.