Inline PGP

Is there anyway to send attachments using inlinePGP (no-SMIME) with the new version of GPGOL in outlook??

Please help me this is getting frustrating!


Hi Obi,
there is no way to send attachments with no-mime OpenPGP at all,
because there is no standard to encrypt attachments without MIME.

However you could just encrypt the files yourself (using GpgEx) and then attach
them to the email.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the quick replay.
When i use thunderbird though it gives you the option to encrypt each attachment alone and the text using inlinePGP.
In the old version of GPGOL this was also possible.
I need to enable this in my current version of GPGOL too because its much more efficient than encrypting the attachment and also because using your mentioned method the text wont be encrypted.
I hope u get my point


the text will be encrypted if you use the old no-mime way of sending
with GpgOL.

Overall we hope that more clients get to be MIME aware in the future,
because this is technical the solution that offers the best user experience
in the long run.

What is the use case for your requirement of sending no-mime OpenPGP emails with attachments?

Best Regards,