Impossible to cancel mail send


if I try to send a mail to an individual whose key I don’t have, I am prompted to select key to encrypt with. However, there is no way, at this point, to cancel the mail - if I press cancel, the mail is sent unencrypted. This is, from my point of view, a large weakness; I cannot trust my users to be clever enough to choose another key just to avoid sending the mail, and sending sensitive data in cleartext could prove disastrous (not to mention the trouble we’d get with our auditors…).

Is this possible to “fix”? Or have I missed something obvious? :wink:


Hi Erik,

I am workig with version 1.02 and experience the same problem. I agree with 100% on yr post and hope this issue can be fixed asap.


We provided a bug fix in the CVS. Though, we need more tests to make sure it really works on all machines.

Good news!

As I’m in an evaluation phase now anyway, I could help you test. However, I have no build environment, so I’d need a binary build.

If you need such help, just drop me a build, and I’ll get right on it.


Same here. Feel free to send me a build and i’ll be happy to test it out.