Import Secret Key

Using Kelopatra I exported a secret key, and imported the same key to another system. However when trying to decrypt a file using the secret key which was just imported the passphrase we enter fails. I have looked at the imported key and compared it with the one that is working, and it is the same. Am I doing something wrong when exported/imported it?

What other system?

Hi Joe,
does Kleopatra show the key as having a secret key in the new system?
(Or as Paul asks, what kind of system is it?)


Came from Windows 10 system to another Windows 10 system.

Yes, I exported the secret key, and then imported the same key. Got the properties of both keys, and the values look the same, its the same key name exactly on both systems. Should I be looking for something else?

Kleopatra shows the key in bold, where there is a private key available with it.

On the command line, try
gpg --list-secret-keys
which should list the key where you have the private key for.
Sometimes you may need to set the trust on your key to “ultimate” if it is your private key, but that should not be necessary for decryption.