Import keys from v1.1.3 to v4.0.0

We are moving a windows service that decrypts files received from a partner to a new server. It uses GPG4Win v1.1.3.

We installed GPG4Win v4.0.0 on the new server and would like to use the same keys for this service so as not to impact the partner.

Can keys from v1.1.3 be imported into v4.0.0? If so, how can this be done?

If not, what is the highest version of GPG4Win that we can use keys from v1.1.3.

Thank you.

Hi Michele,

wow … Gpg4win 1.1.3 is from 2007. :slight_smile:

If may or may not be possible to import the old keys in new version, this depends on the type of the keys which were used then. If they were using crypto algorithms that are not recommended anymore, it may not work and may not be advisable.

There are some options in GnuPG that allow some elder algorithms by lifting some security checks. So again, it depends.

A key rollover maybe necessary anyway to keep the security assurances that were wanted and designed in 2007. (Computer got faster and cheaper.)

As you can download Gpg4win without costs, you could just try to import the old key material.
For best diagnostics, use the command line.


Hi Bernhard,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, it appears that everyone involved with setting this up is gone and I’m still looking for information on what was done to set this up. Trying to fumble my way through…