Import from cliboard

Hello - I have a problem to import key from clickboard

Detailed results of importing Clipboard:
Total number processed:

I just created new certificate, open it by notepad, then ctrl +a, ctrl + c and click in Kleopatra impor certificate under clipboard.

Here you have all log

Please, help

Hi Piter,

Can you give us some more information about how you created the key (console, other pc, kleopatra, etc.)? The log mentions a public key with the name “”. I don’t know if the name “@” can be correctly processed. There seem to be some issues (buffer underflows) while importing this key. But the message “Unchanged: 1” states, that the key is already in Kleopatra. Have you looked through all the open Tabs in Kleopatra? In wich format do you have your exported certificate (ascii or binary)? Do you know which DSA keylength you choose? 512, 1024, 2048 or 4096?

Kind Regards,

I stuck on Part 5

Only change I make is:
not tick +rsa.
I make only 4096 RSA

I’m using Win 8.1 GUI on Adimistrator acc. Only this user i ahve, rest i’m remove :stuck_out_tongue:

I;m replace my email adres, so You see ( little privacy:) )

Hi Piter,
as for your import problem, the message “Unchanged: 1” means
that your “pubkey” (aka cert) was already imported before.
So it is not a problem.

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Regarding the tutorial, please note that the advanced settings
dialog is for advanced users. 4096 probably is too much. The default
2048 bit RSA keylength is the recommandation of the GnuPG Initative.