Icon in outlook 2013 gpg4win ver. 303


Sometimes it appears an icon side of the signed messages, others not coming from same source and also signed. I sent you a screen capture. All three mess. comes from same addr and are also signed with same trusted key (level 4 of trust).

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Thanks for your report.

In general you have to view a Mail and close it again before the Icon is updated correctly. This is a limitation of GpgOL as it only starts to work on a mail once it is viewed and not when it’s received.

And yes sometimes even then the Icon is not properly updated. I’ve noticed that, too but have not yet found a reason. I created a task for this in our ticketing system: https://dev.gnupg.org/T3837 So that it does not get forgotten.

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Thks Andre for your time.

FYI: I’m using the preview pane, so the messages are open when there are selected. And randomly it happens.
Also I’m using a heavy loaded netbook. It could be a performance item (I don’t hope so!).

I don’t think its a performance problem. As I said, I’ve noticed that, too. It might be a timining problem though. Outlook is pretty horrible regarding timing problems. (When you call function X it does Y but if you call the same function 500ms later it does Z :wink: )

My current suspicion is that sometimes our change of the message class is stored slightly different by outlook and then the icon is not updated. I have to check if I can somehow force the good behavior.

FYI: When there isn’t icon also there isn’t attachment icon. Looking with MFCMapi.exe shows that there isn’t attachment.