I need of updgrade my Key or no? And antivirus warning on v4.3.1?

Good day,
1st thank you very much for ur software, is the best for me. (Win and Linux)

I use one (old 2007) key RSA of 4096bit with +20 alphanumeric characters.
Now i see that ur software have new type of keys, for example the ECDSA/EdDSA. For you, my key is old and i need of change my type of key for a better security or also into 2024 my password is strong and very good? (i remember that some some articles on the internet have said in the past that RSA now dont’ is much secure, is so?)
If i need of change you can tell me the better key setup for best security?

Antivirus warning on V4.3.1?
With 4.3.0 and others old versions no problem, but with this version i got this warning:
pinentry-w32.exe : Win32/Heur.Generic.HxQB7HsA


Hi @GPGuser,

in their technical guideline the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany recommends a key length of at least 3000 bit so your key is still good enough for a while.

Please read this section in the wiki for more information on antivirus warnings.

Tyvm for ur’s timely reply.
I read everything and yes, my key is again good because the raccomandation in 3000, i will wait for the future when all will change, i save ur’s link for futures updates.

For send false positive to AV software, etc… i done all, but nothing.
I wrote this only for info.
TYVM for all

If you’ve checked the integrity (with one method outlined here Gpg4win - Check Integrity ) you are okay.

If you have more concerns try the Virus Total or a different check of many AV scannig applications.

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TYVM for ur help to verify all.