how to use gpgtar

I have been given a task to pack and archive few of the reports into a .tar file and then encrypt it.I am using gpg4win but i have to perform this task from command line instead of the GUI.
I have tried multiple combinations of gpgtar.exe ,gpg2.exe ,piping the result from gpgtar to gpgex but nothing seems to be working.
May i request for some help in this regard as this step is crucial for the development activity.
thanks in advance



Request users to kindly help please and provide some information.


Hi Arpit,

Are you using Windows, or Linux?

-Sean C.

Hi Sean,

Using it on Windows Server 2008 R2.


I’m not sure about the server version (I’ve never used it), but in a standard Windows installation the “gpgtar” command is not installed by default. In order to use it (on the command line), you need to specify the path, e.g.:

C:\Users\UserName\Documents>c:"program files"\gnu\gnupg\gpgtar --help

The above command will, of course, list some common commands and options. If you just want to create a tarball, use the “-e” command with the “–skip-crypto” option. You can always encrypt and/or sign it later.

Hope that helps!

Sean C.