How to perform integrity check - SHA1 checksums??

Upon downloading gpg4win i receive an error message about the downloads integrity and am unable to install the file…
I have then found a page on the gpg4win website instructing how to verify the integrity of the download…
Though being somewhat of a novice with these things cannot figure out exactly what i am trying to do…
Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Ive downloaded and installed the FCIV sha-1 checksum check software. Though i havent been able to execute the check successfully. If done properly will this check actually enable the gpg4win file to install? Or is this a waste of time?
Is there any other way to successfully install the gpg4win download file??

Doing the check does not affect the file and therefore will not remedy your problem. It only verifies that the file is identical to the one the author uploaded and has not been tampered with or corrupted.

If you successfully performed the check and the sums matched, this points to another problem, perhaps with your system.

I wish I could be of more help.

Sean C.


If you need help performing the check, let me know. I’d be happy to help.

Sean C.

Henry, if by not being ‘able to execute the check successfully’ you mean that the checksum produced by FCIV did not agree with the value given on the gpg4win webpage for your download, the answer is fairly simple. This probably means that your file was corrupted during the download. This is not very common but over the years, it has happened to my downloads from a variety of websites on a number of occasions. The answer is to download again and recheck the checksum.

If however you mean that you have not been able to get the FCIV utility to work, it could be because it is a command line utility and perhaps not easy to understand. In that case, you could try another utility with a graphic user interface such as “MD5_SHA1 Checksum Utility” which you find (by googling) as a free download. In such a utility, all you need to do to check the MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 checksums is to drag and drop the downloaded file into the top box of the utility checker.