How to download Gpg4win?

When clicking on download (Green button "Download Gpg4win 3.1.11) a “Please Donate” box appears and that’s all:

Ho do you download Gpg4win?

Click the donate button, then cancel the payment. The software will download. This is an amazing piece of software that gives a capability for which there is usually a substantial ongoing monthly charge if provided by commercial services. Before completely bypassing the payment, please ask yourself if you could afford at least a small contribution?

Hi Barry. Thnx. Appeareantly when using Internet Explorer as browser not all functionality works as it then does not open the screen where you can select the donation amount. In Microsoft Edge explorer it did.

Interesting. I generally use either Edge or Chrome browser, but when I tried it just now with IE 11, the download appeared to be working. I wonder if a browser plugin or security setting in your Internet Explorer browser was stopping the download?

I just tried it with the latest Edge (chromium based) and it worked just fine.