how to compile sources

I downloaded the souces but how can i have binaries (win), how can I compile sources?

Read here:

It is referred to Debian and not Windows.
The real problem is that for linux there are a lot of pages (make,install ecc.) but nothing for windows and I don’t know how to compile the source code that I downloaded.
Nothing else?

Compilation on Linux is by far easier
than on windows. It was easy to automize
the whole process to just a very few commands.

It is probably possible to compile
all on windows, but I expect a lot of fiddling.
Probably only experienced developers are
able to do this.

Sorry to tell you this. Good argument to
give Linux a try :wink:

Hello to all,

i’m new to PnuGP, recently i have created a key pair.

my question is how do i use it? how do i proceed from there?

i use yahoo email. how do i use it to securely sent email.

where and how do i see my public key and how do i post it on the internet.

is fingerprint the same with public key?

how do i sign a key pair?

pls. help me. im new and hardly dont understant how to start.

I was looking around for this to. I was looking around and fount this