How do you get Kleopatra for Windows 10?

Hi! I’m a total noob to the whole PGP concept, but I just downloaded the latest version of LibreOffice, and one of the addons was Gpg4win; which in turn directed me that once I had downloaded it I should test it by a variety of steps which included using Kleopatra to create a certificate. However, the link that they provided to the Kleopatra page gave me the page I’ve included a screenshot of. As you can see, it only has a button for “Download Kleopatra for LINUX” … nothing for Windows 10. or any other Windows for that matter. However, when I checked this forum there WAS a thread discussing Kleopatra for Windows 10-64 bit (which is what I have). So where the bleep do you get hold of that?!


Hi Daniel,

thanks for your message! Gpg4win is a bundle of different programs and one of them is Kleopatra ( When you install Gpg4win you can select different modules/components which will be installed in the installation process. Kleopatra is one of them and it is enabled by default. If you just pressed “Next >” in the process Kleopatra should be on your PC already and you probably will find the shortcut on your desktop.
Still, I can understand that the instructions can be confusing so I will update the description to make it more clear that no additional program is needed.

Many regards