How can Kleopatra Clear the passphrase manually?

In ‘PGP Desktop’ software., We can clear the passphrase by clicking ‘Clear Caches’ manually, I can only find in Kleopatra using ‘Expire cached PINs after N seconds’ to clear, But how can I leave the passphrase Manually?

Is there anyone who knows. thanks.

Hi Bryan,
so far I am not aware of a button that Kleopatra offers to flush the passphrase.

One way to do it, would be to stop the gpg-agent process, which has the cache.
On the command line this should work like
gpgconf --reload agent
(according to the documentation this should be the same as sending the SIGHUB signal, which flushes all cached passphrases and rereads the configuration files.)

If you think there should be a button, please explain the use case in more detail.
(So it can be considered.)