How can I store my passphrase permanently in gpg4win


I know that this is not the best for security, but I want to permanently store my passphrases (also after restart).

In Kleopatra I did not find any settings, the tab GnuPG-System > GPG Agent is completely missing (is this on Windows normal?).

Thanks for clarification.


the tab in Kleopatra is not called “GPG Agent” but I think “Secret Keys”

anyway, you will not find settings that will help you there. GPG Agent can only store a passphrase until it is killed (reboot).

What you want is to remove the passphrase from your secret key. To do this, right click it in Kleopatra and change passphrase. Then don’t enter a passphrase.


Hello Andre,

thank you for your detailled answer.

Both solutions worked.

Thank you in advance.